This section contains the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Can I ask for an estimate?

  • Yes, we are at your complete disposal and will answer all queries submitted via e-mail.

How is a translation calculated?

  • For most languages, the translation is calculated on the basis of a standard page of 25 lines with 60 characters per line (including spaces), using the source text as reference. Translations into Arabic are calculated on the basis of a standard page of 25 lines with 55 characters per line (including spaces), using the target text as reference Translations into Japanese and Chinese are calculated on the basis of 400 characters, which is equivalent to 25 lines with 60 characters per line using the target text as reference. Depending on the language required, the estimate is calculated using the source text as reference, considering a 5 to 15% allowance for the increment or decrement of the text.

How can I send the text to be translated?

  • The documents to be translated can be sent via e-mail to our address: translation@studioklein.net, or uploaded into our FTP folder. The access passwords are supplied as and when necessary.

Can I send documents by post?

  • Yes, in some cases the original documents are required, when the translation has to be sworn.

How long will it take to deliver the translated text?

  • The time required depends on the length of the text(s) and the number of languages, as well as the processing methods and relative graphic arrangement. Upon receipt of your order, you will be sent our order confirmation within 24-36 hours (on business days), establishing with you the delivery term, whether delivery is standard or urgent, in compliance with your requirements and the type of document to be translated.

Are discounts available for repetitive texts?

  • If your text includes sentences which are repeated several times, this will obviously speed up the translation time. In these cases, we invite you to indicate these aspects before we issue our estimate so that we can arrange a discount on the standard translation tariff.

What is it useful to deliver together with the document to be translated?

  • If the text to be translated requires the use of specific terminology, it would undoubtedly be much more professional and helpful to supply a glossary or list of terms or even reference texts. This will help speed up the translation time and improve consistency.

How are the translated texts returned?

  • Obviously all translated texts are checked before delivery. The translated text maintains the original format or is delivered in accordance with the agreements made or the relative graphic arrangement requested. Translated texts can be returned via e-mail or uploaded into our FTP folder.